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Why Invest in Manchester property?

Manchester stands out as the capital of the North and the centerpiece of the government’s Northern Powerhouse vision. This vibrant and diverse city is on a steady growth trajectory, making it a prime location to live, work, and study. Consequently, the demand for housing has skyrocketed, cementing Manchester as a top investment destination.

With a rich and unparalleled history, Manchester has evolved into a world-class international hub. It hosts numerous leading businesses, prestigious universities, renowned sporting institutions, and popular tourist attractions. Its connectivity is bolstered by one of the world’s busiest airports and excellent transport links, making it a global nexus. The city’s appeal among young professionals is enhanced by affluent companies relocating here, contributing to its status as the UK’s second most populous city after London.

Key Stats

39% increase in property prices since 2019
22% increase in rental prices by 2027
The UK's largest economy outside of London
Home to 80% of FTSE 100 (UK's largest companies)

A city of growth and generation

Over the past decade, Manchester has seen significant investments and regeneration efforts, amounting to billions of pounds. These investments have transformed the cityscape, from the iconic MediaCityUK to the innovative NOMA mixed-use development. The city's population has surged by 282,086 over 30 years, underscoring the necessity for new residential developments. House prices have consistently risen, with a recent increase of 6.5%.

A thriving property market

Manchester's property market has seen remarkable growth, with a 35% price increase in the last five years and the highest 20-year growth rate among UK cities. Despite rising prices, it remains more affordable than the South, attracting students and professionals.

With a growing population and high demand for housing, investors benefit from strong rental market returns and capital growth. Buy-to-let and off-plan investments are particularly promising. JLL forecasts property price increases of 4.5% in 2023, 4% in 2025, and 5% in 2026. By 2031, average house prices could reach £629,000, presenting exceptional opportunities for investors.

World-class infrastructure

Manchester boasts world-class infrastructure, enhancing its connectivity and accessibility. Manchester Airport, one of the world's busiest, serves over 200 destinations and is undergoing a £1 billion investment to further boost capacity and efficiency. Major motorways like the M60, M62, and M6 provide seamless links across the UK.

The city’s rail network is impressive, with Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria stations offering frequent services to London and other key cities. The upcoming HS2 project will reduce travel time to London to just over an hour.

Manchester's extensive Metrolink tram system, the largest in the UK, along with a comprehensive bus network and dedicated cycling routes, ensures efficient local travel. This robust transport infrastructure supports Manchester’s status as a thriving international hub.

A booming economy

Manchester's economy is robust and diverse, making it a key player in the UK's Northern Powerhouse initiative. The city's population has surged to over 550,000, driven by its appeal to young professionals, students, and families. This growth underpins a dynamic local economy and an expanding labor market, boosting tenant demand.

Several FTSE 100 companies have established a significant presence in Manchester, leveraging the benefits of "northshoring." Firms like Barclays, BBC, and Siemens have relocated or expanded operations here, drawn by lower costs, access to skilled talent, and excellent infrastructure.

The city's economy is bolstered by strong sectors such as finance, technology, media, and advanced manufacturing. Manchester is also home to world-renowned universities, contributing to a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem.

The general economic outlook for Manchester is highly positive. Continued investments in infrastructure, housing, and business development are expected to sustain growth. The city's strategic initiatives aim to further enhance its global competitiveness, making Manchester an increasingly attractive destination for buy-to-let and off-plan property investors seeking consistent tenant demand and long-term capital appreciation.

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